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I want to create a video sharing service like Youtube, which users can use to upload and watch videos. I prefer to use Vue.js for front-end. What do you suggest for the back-end? Node.js or Laravel ( PHP ) I need a good performance with high speed, and the most important thing is the ability to handle user's requests if the site's traffic increases. I want to create an algorithm that users who watch others videos earn points (randomly but in clear context) If you have anything else to improve, please let me know. For eg: If you prefer React to Vue.js. Thanks in advance

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I have used both node and php in different projects. If it is true that initially node has better performance, in reality there is not much difference and feeling comfortable in the environment you use is very important. Also well written and optimized code. Php is also used by small and large companies. We have a file processing project that responds in less than 300ms with thousands of concurrent users and more than a million daily visits. And the key is to be able to develop quickly and efficiently. Personally I am much better in php than in node, so my code in php is much more clean and optimal than in node, so that's my option. I also find it easier to find php professionals than node, something very important to consider in a project. So the answer would be: choose the environment with which you feel more comfortable, because it will be with which you will have to fight every day.

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Node is light and scalable and has been used widely for enterprise solutions that need faster response, reliability and better performance. But at the end of the day, for me, when I start a project, I don't shoot for the stars. I build a small application with the possibility to scale in the future that will test my business idea. If the idea is getting volume then I really start thinking about how am I going to build this aiming a specific volume.

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