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I’ve been using a Reseller account to host my client's websites for many years ago.

I noticed in the last few years low performance and weakness in technical support services, so I intended to move to another provider just like "HostGator," the problem is I'm using currently Plesk "Direct Admin" but the intended new reseller using "cPanel," the question is could I move my reseller without interrupting my clients? "No change from client-side will be performed ex (FTP accounts, control panel credentials, MySQL databases, users, DNS configuration, webmail boxes, and messages)."

I would love your insights on where I should go. (Experienced)

Note: I called the HostGator support, and they will make a migration manually; they also assure me that it wouldn't be any interruption, but I'm also not sure.

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Technical Lead at DPO International·

I think if you want to move all accounts in current your reseller to a new one will take more time for that, because you should test all of them one by one . and also you should change DNS for them to a new one. so my opinon move your website one by one and Testing it in a new server and also use cloudflare for managing DNS in it because cloudflare is so faster for changing DNS fron old one to a new one. if you do that your accounts never stop. notes, also you should use same modules and librarys in old server

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Peter Vereshagin
Peter Vereshagin
March 28th 2021 at 6:03PM

Mohammed, should you think of move from hoster to hoster as a process which is different than move from one server management software to another? Is there any reason for you to combine these two in one?

I understand that you aim is to increase the performance but the compatibility maintenance for your hosted applications may require more time and resources than could be thought originally.

For example, the time you need to accomplish such a process - moving your domains very carefully , one by one, testing every of them thoroughly, this may require bring them back and forth, paying for both machines... for count of sites, say 300+ it may represent a major headache even to keep records on what was done, when and why, and planning on what should be done, when and why. And your DNS provider can be very fast and separate from your server, meaning additional maintenmance overhead, but the web users' cache updating may require additional time up to the weeks. All of that time you should have at least email being received by your old server. And your email users should read from your both new and old servers.

The best option IMO is to clone your server as a whole server backup/restore propcedure from old provider to the new one, including both users' data and server management software like Plesk or Cpanel. Then after you will get your DNS moved, you can get it done manually without a shadow of a hurry, two weeks should be enough for the purpose, you may compare if the performance is made better, you should have the old benchmarks taken by the tools like Apache Benchmark before you start all of that move, and have the old server abandoned. You may have it at a hot reserve though if some of your projects will require special care.

For the case if you're pretty sure you should switch from the Plesk which made by the guy who interviewed me this March) to CPanel or anything else, I'd suppose you could prefer to have a VPS or a container inside your server and have every new domain hosted there as well as the moved ones, one by one, by your own schedule not by the need to keep 2+ servers paid instead of 1.

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