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Build, deploy and host your static site or app with a drag and drop interface and automatic delpoys from GitHub or Bitbucket
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What is Netlify?

Netlify is smart enough to process your site and make sure all assets gets optimized and served with perfect caching-headers from a cookie-less domain. We make sure your HTML is served straight from our CDN edge nodes without any round-trip to our backend servers and are the only ones to give you instant cache invalidation when you push a new deploy. Netlify is also the only static hosting service with integrated continuous deployment.
Netlify is a tool in the Static Web Hosting category of a tech stack.

Who uses Netlify?

720 companies reportedly use Netlify in their tech stacks, including AB180, Kong, and commercetools.

1891 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Netlify.

Netlify Integrations

GitHub, Bitbucket, Gatsby, BrowserStack, and Contentful are some of the popular tools that integrate with Netlify. Here's a list of all 36 tools that integrate with Netlify.
Pros of Netlify
Easy deploy
Fastest static hosting and continuous deployments
Free SSL support
Super simple deploys
Easy Setup and Continous deployments
Faster than any other option in the market
Free plan for personal websites
Deploy previews
Free Open Source (Pro) plan
Great loop-in material on a blog
Easy to use and great support
Fastest static hosting and continuous deployments
Great drag and drop functionality
Custom domains support
Canary Releases (Split Tests)
Supports static site generators
Tech oriented support
Decisions about Netlify

Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose Netlify in their tech stack.

Needs advice

I was just hired to help an enterprise event production company with their web tools. Due to COVID they are streaming 100% online and need to make hundreds of mini-sites/small-scale apps for each event. They are currently using Squarespace and just making a sub-dir for each new event I i.e., our-squarespace-account/{some-awesome-stream}. This becomes a nightmare when there are several sub-events and events span several days etc.

I am trying to plan a service with the following: - Top level view of all sites we create - Ability to develop a new site locally and push up either to our domain or a custom domain - Each mini-site will be bespoke, but a CMS is needed for producers to edit content and change basic info - Some kind of interactivity and capture of email and name is a must (this can be a separate service) - Eventually, building a client dashboard for them to see statistics - Piecemeal rollout and development of these services

Currently, I have narrowed down using Gatsby as an ssg to make an event page (cloning from one of a few templates). Then I would customize and push it to a Netlify hosted site. I am running into problems with the structure. I want my company to be an umbrella site so we have a top-level view of every site we create, but each client only has access to a simple cms for their event. Content changes should be easy to make via a CMS.

I know this is a lot, so thanks in advance for the input!

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Howie Zhao
Full Stack Engineer at yintrust · | 7 upvotes · 217.7K views

We use Netlify to host static websites.

The reasons for choosing Netlify over GitHub Pages are as follows:

  • Netfily can bind multiple domain names, while GitHub Pages can only bind one domain name
  • With Netfily, the original repository can be private, while GitHub Pages free tier requires the original repository to be public

In addition, in order to use CDN, we use Netlify DNS.

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Shared insights
PostgreSQL ModelerPostgreSQL Modeler

Vue.js vuex Vue Router Quasar Framework Electron Node.js npm Yarn Git GitHub Netlify My tech stack that helps me develop quickly and efficiently. Wouldn't want it any other way.

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Johnny Bell

So if you look through my decisions you will see I recently wrote a decision about moving from Netlify to Buddy and Amazon S3.

I want to write another decision saying that I tried this out and actually moved back to Netlify. Buddy was great until they deleted my account and all my pipelines I setup without warning me because I didn't login for a month.

Netlify is amazing and way easier to setup, support is great and they have so many amazing options... I did learn things about Amazon S3 by moving over to there but I'm sticking with Netlify for the long run now.

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Netlify's Features

  • Global Network
  • Global Network
  • Instant Cache Validation
  • Atomic Deploys
  • API proxying
  • SSL for custom domains
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Link to Github or Bitbucket

Netlify Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Netlify?
Surge makes it easy for developers to deploy projects to a production-quality CDN through Grunt, Gulp, npm.
Heroku is a cloud application platform – a new way of building and deploying web apps. Heroku lets app developers spend 100% of their time on their application code, not managing servers, deployment, ongoing operations, or scaling.
GitHub Pages
Public webpages hosted directly from your GitHub repository. Just edit, push, and your changes are live.
Cloudflare speeds up and protects millions of websites, APIs, SaaS services, and other properties connected to the Internet.
Firebase is a cloud service designed to power real-time, collaborative applications. Simply add the Firebase library to your application to gain access to a shared data structure; any changes you make to that data are automatically synchronized with the Firebase cloud and with other clients within milliseconds.
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