Machine learning for JavaScript

What is Propel?

Propel provides a GPU-backed numpy-like infrastructure for scientific computing in JavaScript.

Propel is a tool in the Machine Learning Tools category of a tech stack.

Propel is an open source tool with 2.82K Github Stars and 85 Github Forks. Here’s a link to Propel's open source repository on Github

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Ember.js PHP MySQL Propel Slim Intercom

Mostly CRUD app, using propel orm, jsonapi serializers and ember.js frontend, this app was in ember 2.16 and we recently upgraded without any issue to 3.15, propel is super good as ORM, slim is a thin framework basically for routing and middleware

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Propel's Features

  • Run anywhere, in the browser or natively from Node
  • Target multiple GPUs and make TCP connections
  • PhD optional

Propel's alternatives

  • TensorFlow - Open Source Software Library for Machine Intelligence
  • scikit-learn - Easy-to-use and general-purpose machine learning in Python
  • Keras - Deep Learning library for Theano and TensorFlow
  • PyTorch - A deep learning framework that puts Python first
  • ML Kit - Machine learning for mobile developers (by Google)

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