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  • We use to notify user when long running UI tasks finish.

  • New Relic is used both to monitor availability and to find potential candidates for optimization.

  • Nginx is used as an integration point of both static resources and API.

  • Several of our applications and API servers are written using Ruby on Rails. Ruby is also used for various infrastructure tools.

  • Rails is used for some endpoints of our Frontend API. Though there are talks of deprecating it.

  • Node.js is used both for our Frontend tooling and as a basis for some of our API endpoints.

  • Major part of our UI application uses Backbone models and views extensively. Though there's a plan to migrate to React and Redux.

  • Significant amount of charts in our DSP application is using D3.js

  • Mandrill is used to send reports to our customers.

  • Gulp is used for writing transpiling, bundling, minification, watching and other tasks.

  • We're both steadily migrating our legacy code to ES6 and use Babel for our new Frontend projects.

  • npm is used both for our Node.js servers and our UI dependencies.

  • Airbrake is used for some of our API and UI code.

  • We're using React for our new frontend projects.

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