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I am currently working on a long term mobile app project. Current stack: Frontend: Dart/Flutter Backend: Go, AWS Resources (AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, etc.) Since there are only two developers and we have limited time and resources, we are looking for a BAAS like Firebase or AWS Amplify to handle auth and push notifications for now. We are prioritizing developing speed so we can iterate quickly. The only problem is that AWS amplify support for flutter is in developer preview and has limited capabilities (We have tested it out in our app). Firebase is the more mature option. It has great support for flutter and has more than we need for auth, notifications, etc. My question is that, if we choose firebase, we would be stuck with using two different cloud providers. Is this bad, or is this even a problem? I am willing to change anything on the backend architecture wise, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am somewhat unfamiliar with Google Cloud Platform. Thank you.

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I have never understood why using different vendors is such a big problem for many people. Each vendor is better than others for certain aspects, but no vendor is better than others for everything. At Kokoen, we usually host the applications we develop in AWS (EC2, RDS, S3), use Firebase (usually with for notifications, use Netlify for hosting certain SPAs, use Heroku to provide APIs directly from Git while we are still developing, MongoDB Cloud when we need NonSQL databases, etc..

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