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Amazon API Gateway
Amazon API Gateway



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What is Amazon API Gateway?

Amazon API Gateway handles all the tasks involved in accepting and processing up to hundreds of thousands of concurrent API calls, including traffic management, authorization and access control, monitoring, and API version management.

What is Disqus?

Disqus looks to make it very easy and rewarding for people to interact on websites using its system. Commenters can build reputation and carry their contributions from one website to the next.

What is Netlify?

Netlify is smart enough to process your site and make sure all assets gets optimized and served with perfect caching-headers from a cookie-less domain. We make sure your HTML is served straight from our CDN edge nodes without any round-trip to our backend servers and are the only ones to give you instant cache invalidation when you push a new deploy. Netlify is also the only static hosting service with integrated continuous deployment.

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Why do developers choose Disqus?
Why do developers choose Netlify?

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What are the cons of using Amazon API Gateway?
What are the cons of using Disqus?
What are the cons of using Netlify?
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    What companies use Disqus?
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    What are some alternatives to Amazon API Gateway, Disqus, and Netlify?
    API management, design, analytics, and security are at the heart of modern digital architecture. The Apigee intelligent API platform is a complete solution for moving business to the digital world.
    Postman is the only complete API development environment, used by nearly five million developers and more than 100,000 companies worldwide.
    Insomnia REST Client
    Insomnia is a powerful REST API Client with cookie management, environment variables, code generation, and authentication for Mac, Window, and Linux.
    Paw is a full-featured and beautifully designed Mac app that makes interaction with REST services delightful. Either you are an API maker or consumer, Paw helps you build HTTP requests, inspect the server's response and even generate client code.
    Keep tabs on all aspects of your API's performance with uptime monitoring, integration testing, logging and real-time monitoring.
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    Reviews of Amazon API Gateway, Disqus, and Netlify
    Review ofNetlifyNetlify

    To start off, check this out:

    If you are new to Netlify, it will take you less than 5 minutes to get your site up and running, 3 minutes if you are fast. To get started simply go here:

    Choose one of the following options to sign up: GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, or you can use your email address.

    If you sign up with your email address, it will ask you to enter a 4 digit verification code that they sent to your email address.

    Once signed in, you will be shown a quick intro:


    These are three huge benefits of Netlify over most other hosting platforms.

    OK, now that you have signed up and gone through the highlights, you need just select new site. From there you can either link a Git repository or just drag and drop your site folder into the browser window. Your site will be uploaded and available for browsing within a minute or so.

    Once your site is on Netlify, you can setup a custom domain by selected the settings tab, if you are not already there, then click edit next to domain. Simply put your domain in, save and then follow instructions on Netlify's documentation page on how to set up your DNS:

    So easy! You are done setting up your site! Now for making changes and adding features. You no longer have to do crazy manual set ups to get SSL installed on your site, with Netlify even my grandma could do it! You can still use your own certificate if you prefer, but if you wanted it even easier, all you have to do is select "Lets Encrypt Certificate" from the SSL tab on your site in Netlify.

    When you select "Lets Encrypt Certificate", Netlify shows a dialog entitled "Automatic TLS Setup" and asks you to ensure that your DNS is set up properly before you provision the certificate. This is important, and it will be fine so long as you set up your DNS properly according to their custom domains documentation that I shared earlier. All you need to do here is click save. The SSL will start to work shortly and all http URLs will automatically be redirected to https! And the best part is, it is free!

    Recap of the setup process: 1. Sign up and verify your account 2. Link repository or drag and drop site folder 3. Change domain and setup DNS 4. True One-click SSL 5. Upgrade your site for more awesome features (Optional)

    That's it! You are done! Takes less than 5 minutes!

    Before I came across Netlify, I would often use drag and drop web builders because the complication of managing servers and setting up configurations to handle forms and SSL were too complicated. With Netlify however, all you need to do for form handling is to put in a little call out to Netlify to say, hey, this is a form I want you to handle. It is so easy! You already know how easy it is to set up SSL now too. I now have no fears in launching a site, setting up form handling and SSL.

    If you are interested in setting up the form handling, you can go here:

    Netlify also has amazing and simple documentation. I have never had a problem figuring something out. If ever I have had a question, I have found a resolution with in 1-2 minutes in their documentation. They have thought of everything!

    My favorite tools in Netlify are the notifications! You can set up your form handling to automatically notify you via email or even Slack. I love Slack too by the way, and being able to get updates about my deployments or form handling via Slack is a huge plus.

    The notification integrations are my favorite, however, I still cannot get over how easy it is to set up SSL and form handling. They are by far the most useful features for me. Another very useful feature is being able to see a history of your builds and having the ability to restore to a previous build or download it. I have been unable to find any of these features in their simplicity anywhere else. Netlify is literally the easiest to use, most reliable and overall best hosting platform out there.

    One more mention, the founder of Netlify is involved in the JAMStack Revolution. Here is a quick blurb from their site (Looks Awesome!):

    JAM stands for JavaScript, APIs and Markup. It's the fastest growing stack for building websites and apps: no more servers, host all your front-end on a CDN and use APIs for any moving parts.

    Learn more about JAMStack here:

    Review ofDisqusDisqus

    Have been using Disqus for a long time now, and have always been satisfied. Occasionally it's been a little slow to load, but I think it's gotten better over time. The UI has improved over time, too. Very easy to integrate into my Ghost blog, and complements it well in terms of styling. Very happy with it.

    How developers use Amazon API Gateway, Disqus, and Netlify
    Avatar of Simple Merchant
    Simple Merchant uses Amazon API GatewayAmazon API Gateway

    API Gateway in conjunction with Lambda has allowed us to become 'serverless'. We have a number of API endpoints that range from simple CRUD operations, through to triggering chains of complex background jobs. Like Lambda, this service has released us from getting bogged down in infrastructure management, freeing up huge amounts of time to focus on solving business problems.

    Avatar of datapile
    datapile uses DisqusDisqus

    Disqus is a wonderful (and free) API/software platform to integrate for comments when you don't want to limit yourself to Facebook and have no interest in reinventing something done so well.

    It is a solid, A-1 piece of software.

    Avatar of ioi0
    ioi0 uses NetlifyNetlify

    Serves the main site through CDN. Provides super easy password protection and third-level domain for staging. Uses web hooks from Contentful and Github to know when to trigger new build and update the site. Perfect.

    Avatar of Samuel Harrold
    Samuel Harrold uses DisqusDisqus

    Blog comment hosting service used through Python static site-builder Pelican with theme pelican-bootstrap3.

    Avatar of MassTimes
    MassTimes uses NetlifyNetlify

    Netlify makes it super-easy for various team members to deploy whenever there's a push to our Git master branch. Automatic build, deployment, and setup on CDN.

    Avatar of IndiTip
    IndiTip uses Amazon API GatewayAmazon API Gateway

    It provides me with POST endpoints; I don't run servers and some third-party services need to POST data to my application.

    Avatar of Kent Steiner
    Kent Steiner uses DisqusDisqus

    Disqus is a nice well-known and easy to use commenting engine, plays well with most any web-facing integration.

    Avatar of Patty R
    Patty R uses Amazon API GatewayAmazon API Gateway

    Triggers the Lambda function from a GitHub WebHook push into

    Avatar of Secumail
    Secumail uses Amazon API GatewayAmazon API Gateway

    Excellent API Gateway, some quirks but most are being addressed over time, easy integration with Lambda

    Avatar of GitDocs
    GitDocs uses NetlifyNetlify

    It's free and has so many features - just perfect for open-source projects like GitDocs.

    Avatar of Steve Paulo
    Steve Paulo uses DisqusDisqus

    A blog without a database generally needs an offsite commenting system. Disqus is mine.

    Avatar of Giant Swarm
    Giant Swarm uses DisqusDisqus

    Disqus is our comment service of choice for our blog

    Avatar of Loog
    Loog uses NetlifyNetlify

    We use Netlify to host all of our Hugo sites with continuous deployment.

    Avatar of doodledudes
    doodledudes uses NetlifyNetlify

    Super easy to setup to have your prototypes deployed with CI.

    Avatar of Luca Bianchi
    Luca Bianchi uses Amazon API GatewayAmazon API Gateway

    Fast, predictable and reliable API deployment

    How much does Amazon API Gateway cost?
    How much does Disqus cost?
    How much does Netlify cost?