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Amazon Kinesis Firehose vs Stream: What are the differences?

Introduction: In this comparison, we will highlight the key differences between Amazon Kinesis Firehose and Amazon Kinesis Stream.

  1. Data Transformation Capability: Amazon Kinesis Firehose is designed for real-time data delivery with the capability to transform and deliver data to destinations such as Amazon S3, Redshift, and Elasticsearch. On the other hand, Amazon Kinesis Stream is more focused on real-time data streaming without built-in data transformation features, requiring users to handle data processing themselves before sending it to other services.

  2. Batch vs Real-time Processing: Amazon Kinesis Firehose is optimized for batch processing, allowing users to process and deliver data in larger chunks to destinations without the need for manual handling. In contrast, Amazon Kinesis Stream is designed for real-time processing, enabling users to process data in smaller, continuous streams in near real-time for immediate insights and actions.

  3. Cost Structure: Amazon Kinesis Firehose offers a simpler pricing model based on data delivery volume, making it easier to forecast costs. In comparison, Amazon Kinesis Stream is priced based on the number of shards used, which can result in more complex cost calculations based on the level of data throughput and retention requirements.

  4. Scalability and Elasticity: Amazon Kinesis Firehose automatically scales based on the incoming data volume, allowing users to handle spikes in traffic without manual intervention. In contrast, Amazon Kinesis Stream requires users to manage the number of shards to accommodate changes in data volume, providing more granular control over scalability but requiring more hands-on management.

  5. Retention Period: Amazon Kinesis Firehose offers a default data retention period of 24 hours, which cannot be extended beyond that limit. On the other hand, Amazon Kinesis Stream allows users to configure the data retention period as needed, providing more flexibility in managing and accessing historical data for analysis and processing.

  6. Data Durability and Ordering: Amazon Kinesis Firehose guarantees at least once delivery of data to the destination but does not guarantee data ordering. In comparison, Amazon Kinesis Stream provides options for both data durability and ordering, allowing users to choose between different levels of consistency based on their application requirements.

In Summary, Amazon Kinesis Firehose and Amazon Kinesis Stream differ in data transformation capabilities, processing modes, cost structures, scalability, retention periods, and data durability/ordering options.

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    What is Amazon Kinesis Firehose?

    Amazon Kinesis Firehose is the easiest way to load streaming data into AWS. It can capture and automatically load streaming data into Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift, enabling near real-time analytics with existing business intelligence tools and dashboards you’re already using today.

    What is Stream?

    Stream allows you to build scalable feeds, activity streams, and chat. Stream’s simple, yet powerful API’s and SDKs are used by some of the largest and most popular applications for feeds and chat. SDKs available for most popular languages.

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