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What is Mashape?

The Mashape API Marketplace helps developers discover APIs for their apps. The Mashape Billing Addon Tool allows API providers to add a payment layer to their API in seconds.

What is ProgrammableWeb?

ProgrammableWeb is more than a directory and community, it's programmable. Our "API for APIs" gives you a simple and structured way to access the powerful registry and repository capabilities of PW. Use your favorite language to search and retrieve APIs, mashups, and other data from our catalog. We've got samples in PHP, Java, .NET and JavaScript to get you started.

What is APISpark?

APISpark lets you create, host, manage and use web APIs in a flash. Using the Restlet Framework at its core, APISpark radically simplifies the web API experience, the time-­to-­market and the overall cost to get started and to scale.

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What are some alternatives to Mashape, ProgrammableWeb, and APISpark?

  • Mashery - Manage your API and discover new APIs
  • CloudRail - Easily integrate whole categories of providers, e.g. Social Log-Ins, or change a provider with a single line of code.
  • 3scale - Operate, Manage and Distribute your APIs

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