AWS Device Farm vs. OneSky vs. Torbit

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What is AWS Device Farm?

Run tests across a large selection of physical devices in parallel from various manufacturers with varying hardware, OS versions and form factors.

What is OneSky?

OneSky provides a powerful cloud-based translation management system (TMS) that streamlines the entire translation management process for mobile apps, websites and documents. OneSky offers professional translation services and application testing solutions in 60+ languages. Over 3,000 companies have used OneSky to expand their global presence.

What is Torbit?

Torbit is a cloud-based website accelerator service that makes websites faster. Torbit speeds up your site by automating these performance optimizations that are otherwise tedious for you to do by hand.
Why do developers choose AWS Device Farm?
Why do you like AWS Device Farm?

Why do developers choose OneSky?
Why do you like OneSky?

Why do developers choose Torbit?
Why do you like Torbit?

What are the cons of using AWS Device Farm?
No Cons submitted yet for AWS Device Farm
Downsides of AWS Device Farm?

What are the cons of using OneSky?
No Cons submitted yet for OneSky
Downsides of OneSky?

What are the cons of using Torbit?
No Cons submitted yet for Torbit
Downsides of Torbit?

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How much does AWS Device Farm cost?
AWS Device Farm Pricing
How much does OneSky cost?
OneSky Pricing
How much does Torbit cost?
Torbit Pricing
What companies use AWS Device Farm?
8 companies on StackShare use AWS Device Farm
What companies use OneSky?
11 companies on StackShare use OneSky
What companies use Torbit?
1 companies on StackShare use Torbit
What tools integrate with AWS Device Farm?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with AWS Device Farm
No integrations listed yet
No integrations listed yet

What are some alternatives to AWS Device Farm, OneSky, and Torbit?

  • Gatling - open-source load testing framework based on Scala, Akka and Netty
  • - Simple Cloud-based Load Testing
  • Locust - Define user behaviour with Python code, and swarm your system with millions of simultaneous users
  • BlazeMeter - The Load Testing Platform for Developers

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