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Black Duck vs Veracode: What are the differences?

Introduction: Black Duck and Veracode are both popular software security solutions that help organizations identify and manage open source vulnerabilities in their software applications. While they serve a similar purpose, there are key differences between the two.

  1. Integration: Black Duck focuses on integration with various development and DevOps tools, providing seamless integration with existing workflows. It offers plugins for popular IDEs, build tools, and CI/CD platforms, ensuring a smooth integration process. On the other hand, Veracode offers a centralized cloud-based platform for scanning and managing vulnerabilities, providing a more straightforward setup for organizations that prefer a unified solution.

  2. Scanning Techniques: Black Duck performs static and dynamic code scanning, helping to identify vulnerabilities in both the source code and running applications. It also offers software composition analysis (SCA) to detect open source components and their associated vulnerabilities. In contrast, Veracode predominantly focuses on static analysis, using its patented binary scanning technology to inspect compiled code for potential vulnerabilities.

  3. Reporting and Analytics: Black Duck provides detailed reports and analytics to help organizations gain insights into their open source and code vulnerabilities. It offers comprehensive vulnerability reports, including details on severity levels, suggested fixes, and impact analysis. Veracode, on the other hand, provides a more streamlined and simplified reporting system, focusing on actionable insights that prioritize vulnerabilities based on their potential impact.

  4. Automation and Remediation: Black Duck offers automated vulnerability detection, enabling organizations to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in real-time. It can integrate with issue tracking systems to create tickets for identified vulnerabilities and track their resolution. Veracode also supports automation by allowing organizations to create custom policies and workflows, streamlining the vulnerability management process.

  5. Third-Party Library Support: Black Duck specializes in identifying vulnerabilities in open source libraries used in software applications. It maintains an extensive knowledge base of open source components, continuously updating its database to track vulnerabilities and provide accurate risk assessments. While Veracode also scans for open source vulnerabilities, its focus is broader, encompassing various types of vulnerabilities found in compiled code.

  6. User Interface and Usability: Black Duck offers a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation and comprehensive dashboards, making it easier for users to navigate and manage vulnerabilities. Veracode's interface is also user-friendly, providing clear visibility into identified vulnerabilities and their severity levels, enabling users to prioritize and address them effectively.

In Summary, Black Duck and Veracode differ in their focus on integration, scanning techniques, reporting and analytics, automation and remediation capabilities, support for third-party libraries, and user interface. While Black Duck emphasizes deep integration, support for open source libraries, and extensive reporting, Veracode prioritizes simplicity, centralized scanning, and actionable insights.

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