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Buildbot vs TeamCity: What are the differences?

What is Buildbot? Python-based continuous integration testing framework. BuildBot is a system to automate the compile/test cycle required by most software projects to validate code changes. By automatically rebuilding and testing the tree each time something has changed, build problems are pinpointed quickly, before other developers are inconvenienced by the failure.

What is TeamCity? TeamCity is an ultimate Continuous Integration tool for professionals. TeamCity is a user-friendly continuous integration (CI) server for professional developers, build engineers, and DevOps. It is trivial to setup and absolutely free for small teams and open source projects.

Buildbot and TeamCity can be categorized as "Continuous Integration" tools.

Some of the features offered by Buildbot are:

  • run builds on a variety of slave platforms
  • arbitrary build process: handles projects using C, Python, whatever
  • minimal host requirements: Python and Twisted

On the other hand, TeamCity provides the following key features:

  • Automate code analyzing, compiling, and testing processes, with having instant feedback on build progress, problems, and test failures, all in a simple, intuitive web-interface
  • Simplified setup: create projects from just a VCS repository URL
  • Run multiple builds and tests under different configurations and platforms simultaneously

"Highly configurable builds" is the top reason why over 8 developers like Buildbot, while over 52 developers mention "Easy to configure" as the leading cause for choosing TeamCity.

Buildbot is an open source tool with 4K GitHub stars and 1.37K GitHub forks. Here's a link to Buildbot's open source repository on GitHub.

According to the StackShare community, TeamCity has a broader approval, being mentioned in 171 company stacks & 51 developers stacks; compared to Buildbot, which is listed in 7 company stacks and 6 developer stacks.

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