JUnit vs. Cucumber vs. Capybara

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What is JUnit?

JUnit is a simple framework to write repeatable tests. It is an instance of the xUnit architecture for unit testing frameworks.

What is Cucumber?

Cucumber is a tool that supports Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) - a software development process that aims to enhance software quality and reduce maintenance costs.

What is Capybara?

Capybara helps you test web applications by simulating how a real user would interact with your app. It is agnostic about the driver running your tests and comes with Rack::Test and Selenium support built in. WebKit is supported through an external gem.

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Why do developers choose JUnit?
Why do you like JUnit?

Why do developers choose Cucumber?
Why do you like Cucumber?

Why do developers choose Capybara?
Why do you like Capybara?


What are the cons of using JUnit?
No Cons submitted yet for JUnit
Downsides of JUnit?

What are the cons of using Cucumber?
No Cons submitted yet for Cucumber
Downsides of Cucumber?

What are the cons of using Capybara?
Downsides of Capybara?


What companies use JUnit?
78 companies on StackShare use JUnit
What companies use Cucumber?
69 companies on StackShare use Cucumber
What companies use Capybara?
45 companies on StackShare use Capybara


What tools integrate with JUnit?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with JUnit
What tools integrate with Cucumber?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with Cucumber
What tools integrate with Capybara?
3 tools on StackShare integrate with Capybara

What is an alternative to JUnit, Cucumber, and Capybara?

  • Poltergeist - A PhantomJS driver for Capybara

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