FullContact vs. CloudSponge

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What is FullContact?

FullContact offers developers powerful contact management APIs to you turn partial contact information into full contact data. Query by email, phone, or company domain and receive rich company data in response.

What is CloudSponge?

CloudSponge imports address books from Linkedin, Facebook, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Gmail, AOL, Outlook and Mac OS X Address Book. Use these addresses to Invite Friends, Find Friends, or whatever application you need. It can easily be plugged into your website in less than 5 minutes using our simple copy/paste HTML widget. For more advanced applications, we also have our Address Book API available.

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Why do developers choose FullContact?
Why do you like FullContact?

Why do developers choose CloudSponge?
Why do you like CloudSponge?


What are the cons of using FullContact?
No Cons submitted yet for FullContact
Downsides of FullContact?

What are the cons of using CloudSponge?
No Cons submitted yet for CloudSponge
Downsides of CloudSponge?


How much does FullContact cost?
FullContact Pricing
How much does CloudSponge cost?
CloudSponge Pricing


What companies use FullContact?
20 companies on StackShare use FullContact
What companies use CloudSponge?
4 companies on StackShare use CloudSponge


What tools integrate with FullContact?
3 tools on StackShare integrate with FullContact
What tools integrate with CloudSponge?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with CloudSponge

What is an alternative to FullContact and CloudSponge?

  • Clearbit - APIs for determining who's behind an email address

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