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What is Netlify?

Netlify is smart enough to process your site and make sure all assets gets optimized and served with perfect caching-headers from a cookie-less domain. We make sure your HTML is served straight from our CDN edge nodes without any round-trip to our backend servers and are the only ones to give you instant cache invalidation when you push a new deploy. Netlify is also the only static hosting service with integrated continuous deployment.

What is Divshot?

Divshot makes building and hosting front-end web applications simple. Build locally and deploy using a simple command-line interface. Divshot supports multiple environments, pushState routing, atomic deploys, and more.

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What are some alternatives to Netlify and Divshot?

  • GitHub Pages - GitHub Pages are public webpages freely hosted and easily published.
  • Surge - Static web publishing for Front-End Developers
  • GitLab Pages - Create websites for your GitLab projects, groups, or user account
  • Webflow - Build responsive websites visually

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