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Kitematic vs Traefik: What are the differences?

Kitematic: The easiest way to start using Docker on your Mac. Simple Docker App management for Mac OS X; Traefik: Load Balancer for Microservices. Træfɪk is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer made to deploy microservices with ease. It supports several backends (Docker, Swarm, Mesos/Marathon, Kubernetes, Consul, Etcd, Zookeeper, BoltDB, Rest API, file...) to manage its configuration automatically and dynamically.

Kitematic and Traefik are primarily classified as "Container" and "Load Balancer / Reverse Proxy" tools respectively.

"I like it because it sucks" is the primary reason why developers consider Kitematic over the competitors, whereas "Kubernetes integration" was stated as the key factor in picking Traefik.

Kitematic and Traefik are both open source tools. Traefik with 23.2K GitHub stars and 2.4K forks on GitHub appears to be more popular than Kitematic with 10.5K GitHub stars and 1.26K GitHub forks.

Docplanner, Viadeo, and Condé Nast are some of the popular companies that use Traefik, whereas Kitematic is used by Docker, Car Throttle, and Athento. Traefik has a broader approval, being mentioned in 47 company stacks & 20 developers stacks; compared to Kitematic, which is listed in 5 company stacks and 8 developer stacks.

What is Kitematic?

Simple Docker App management for Mac OS X

What is Traefik?

A modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer that makes deploying microservices easy. Traefik integrates with your existing infrastructure components and configures itself automatically and dynamically.
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Why do developers choose Kitematic?
Why do developers choose Traefik?

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    What companies use Kitematic?
    What companies use Traefik?

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    What tools integrate with Traefik?

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    What are some alternatives to Kitematic and Traefik?
    Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for Docker containers. It handles scheduling onto nodes in a compute cluster and actively manages workloads to ensure that their state matches the users declared intentions.
    Portainer is an open-source lightweight management UI which allows you to easily manage your Docker environments. Portainer is available on Windows, Linux and Mac. It has never been so easy to manage Docker !
    Docker Compose
    With Compose, you define a multi-container application in a single file, then spin your application up in a single command which does everything that needs to be done to get it running.
    Rancher is an open source container management platform that includes full distributions of Kubernetes, Apache Mesos and Docker Swarm, and makes it simple to operate container clusters on any cloud or infrastructure platform.
    Docker Swarm
    Swarm serves the standard Docker API, so any tool which already communicates with a Docker daemon can use Swarm to transparently scale to multiple hosts: Dokku, Compose, Krane, Deis, DockerUI, Shipyard, Drone, Jenkins... and, of course, the Docker client itself.
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