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Proton Native

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React Desktop

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Pros of MacGap
Pros of Proton Native
Pros of React Desktop
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    Remember that Mac app you always wanted to create... ?
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    Very fast
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    Full cross plataform
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    React style
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    Is native
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    Code reuse with react native apps
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    Cons of MacGap
    Cons of Proton Native
    Cons of React Desktop
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      Only for Mac
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      Low community for the moment
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      What is MacGap?

      MacGap provides HTML/JS/CSS developers an Xcode project for developing native OS X App. These Apps run in OS X's WebView and take advantage of WebKit technologies. MacGap exposes a JavaScript API for OS X integration, such as displaying native notifications or writing data to a file. MacGap is extremely lightweight and nimble; a blank application weighs less than 1MB.

      What is Proton Native?

      Create native desktop applications through a React syntax, on all platforms.

      What is React Desktop?

      react-desktop is a JavaScript library built ontop of Facebook's React library, which aims to bring a native desktop experience to the web, featuring many OS X El Capitan and Windows 10 components. react-desktop works perfectly with node-webkit and Electron.js, but can be used in any JavaScript powered project!

      Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

      What companies use MacGap?
      What companies use Proton Native?
      What companies use React Desktop?

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      What tools integrate with MacGap?
      What tools integrate with Proton Native?
      What tools integrate with React Desktop?
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        What are some alternatives to MacGap, Proton Native, and React Desktop?
        With Electron, creating a desktop application for your company or idea is easy. Initially developed for GitHub's Atom editor, Electron has since been used to create applications by companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Slack, and Docker. The Electron framework lets you write cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is based on io.js and Chromium and is used in the Atom editor.
        It is a set of graphics and media packages that enables developers to design, create, test, debug, and deploy rich client applications that operate consistently across diverse platforms.
        It is a full development framework with tools designed to streamline the creation of applications and user interfaces for desktop, embedded, and mobile platforms.
        Element is a Vue 2.0 based component library for developers, designers and product managers, with a set of design resources.
        It is a cross-platform set of Python modules designed for writing video games. It includes computer graphics and sound libraries designed to be used with the Python programming language.
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