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Hello Experts,

I'm trying to build a demo app to show an image, and it's metadata (EXIF data or read relevant image data from XML/DB). I need to display the image and data side-by-side. As a novice web developer, I am trying to understand what tools to pick, so it's easy to develop, maintain, and at the same time, it performs well for a huge volume of images display (something like picture/file gallery). We also want to offer one-click on one file/picture that needs to be shown in a split view. Please advise and let me know if my problem statement is unclear.

Thank you. SSK

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Hi Sara,

You need to decide if this is a demo app or an app which you'll want to scale and maintain. For a quick demo, I would spin up a Node.js server with server rendered frontend using Handlebars template. This way, the whole project can be maintained in one repository without much moving parts.

If you are extracting data from image itself and not from a database, you wouldn't even need Node.js. Just a React app will do. Data extraction from image can be done on client side.

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Sara S
Sara S
September 2nd 2020 at 1:47AM

Hi Tarun, Thanks for the suggestions. Let me start off with node.js. Thanks.

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