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Decision about Disqus

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Principal Software Engineer at Comfusion LLC ·

Allows readers to comment on and interact with posts. Helps build a community. Disqus

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Decision at TruFlow Design about Disqus

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Owner/Founder at TruFlow Design ·

A much better way to manage comments on your website, i'm sure you'll agree. Disqus

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Decision about Disqus

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Disqus is a nice well-known and easy to use commenting engine, plays well with most any web-facing integration. Disqus

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Decision at datapile about Disqus

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Software Engineer at datapile ·

Disqus is a wonderful (and free) API/software platform to integrate for comments when you don't want to limit yourself to Facebook and have no interest in reinventing something done so well.

It is a solid, A-1 piece of software. Disqus

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Decision about Disqus

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A blog without a database generally needs an offsite commenting system. Disqus is mine. Disqus

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