Decision at ChecklyHQ about Drift, MailChimp, GitHub, Hotjar

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When I started Checkly, I had no clear strategy on collection, managing and acting on customer feedback.

Over the last year, going from private beta to the first couple dozen customers I found my way in the jungle of customer feedback tooling and found something that worked for me and my company.

The linked post is a bit less technical than normally. The post goes into:

  • Using Hotjar and how it sorta worked for me.
  • Using Drift and why I was totally wrong about chat widget.
  • Using GitHub as a public roadmap.
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Decision at StackShare about Hotjar, Crazy Egg, Stackshare

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We needed to look more into how user interact with certain pages (scroll, click, move the mouse around) so we had to decide between Crazy Egg and Hotjar . I've used both solution in the past so I was familiar with the features for each, but each one has a unique set of data sets and so it will fit diffrently for each case. At #stackshare we've decided to go with Crazy Egg mainly because of the click maps as we can see where people are clicking on certain elements, buttons and clicks and we can spot bottle necks. A very good feature that Hotjar is missing is also the source of the traffic for the clicks. As there are large diffrences between diurect, organic, social and referral traffic as far as user behaivor.

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Decision at StackShare about FullStory, Mixpanel, Hotjar, Crazy Egg, StackDecisionsLaunch, UX

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I've always been passionate about knowing more about how #UX the products that I'm building and have used a bunch of session replay tools in the past, tools like Crazy Egg Hotjar Mixpanel but i am developing affinity for FullStory. I find searching for events to be effective and fast. i live the ability to see when users are frustrated and also skip inactivity, it's pretty intuitive.

I also feel that the creating funnels could be improved (like Mixpanel ) and also give recommendations about using your data tier more efficiently.


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Decision at NeverFriday Software Expertise about Hotjar

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To watch how users are interacting with the site in order to fix any issues they may be encountering (such as wrong size of image, broken links, not enough content on a page, etc.) Hotjar

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