IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA

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Decision at PRIZ Guru about IntelliJ IDEA

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Founder at PRIZ Guru ·

Well, this one was simply. For many ears I was trying to use a bunch of free IDE's. Some of them were kinda fine, but every now and then they were a cause of frustration. At some point, a decided to spend the money for an IDE that everyone talks about. IntelliJ IDEA is the one. Since then, I never looked back and even happy to extend the subscription. So, for the company it was not even a question of what to use. :)

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Decision at Samosprava about IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio Code, WakaTime

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I use WakaTime because it provides interesting information about my coding time. I have plugin for Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ IDEA (my favourite IDEs). Wakatime uses fancy graphs to vizualize time spending on project. With Wakatime I can improve my productivity by focusing on right project.

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Decision at Ataccama about IntelliJ IDEA

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Default IDE for backend developers. Sharing runtime configurations and setting between team members. IntelliJ IDEA

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Decision at MOKA Analytics about IntelliJ IDEA

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Head of Engineering at MOKA Analytics ·

We use IntelliJ IDEA because it has great support for both Python and JS. In particular, its type-based code analyses, refactoring tools, and debugger are world class IntelliJ IDEA

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Decision at fileee GmbH about IntelliJ IDEA

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Software Engineer ·

For Java/Kotlin/Backend related work, IntelliJ is our current IDE of choice. IntelliJ IDEA

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Decision about IntelliJ IDEA

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회사에서 스프링을 쓰다보니 intellij를 사용하게되었습니다

단축키를 많이 사용하려고 노력하며 vim모드를 사용중이지만

맥에서 만큼은 최대한 vim을 사용하려고합니다

(java + spring은 그냥 intellij를 사용하지만요) IntelliJ IDEA

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Decision at Promethean TV about IntelliJ IDEA

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CTO at Promethean TV ·

PrometheanTV builds applications and services utilizing a variety of languages and technologies. The IntelliJ IDE is used by various technical staff to build software on a variety of languages supported by the IDE including Java, HTML/CSS/JS, etc. IntelliJ IDEA

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