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A cross-platform .NET IDE based on the IntelliJ platform and ReSharper
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What is JetBrains Rider?

It supports .NET Framework, the new cross-platform .NET Core, and Mono based projects. It lets you develop a wide range of applications including .NET desktop applications, services and libraries, ASP.NET Core web applications and more.
JetBrains Rider is a tool in the Integrated Development Environment category of a tech stack.

Who uses JetBrains Rider?

91 companies reportedly use JetBrains Rider in their tech stacks, including Tech Stack, Alibaba Travels, and Oxylabs.

487 developers on StackShare have stated that they use JetBrains Rider.

JetBrains Rider Integrations

Linux, Unity, Windows, macOS, and Snyk are some of the popular tools that integrate with JetBrains Rider. Here's a list of all 15 tools that integrate with JetBrains Rider.
Pros of JetBrains Rider
ReSharper for VS bundled
Runs on Linux
NuGet package manager
Debug & Trace support
SQL editing tools
Refactoring support
Free for Open Source projects
64-bit process
Solution-wide refactoring
Decisions about JetBrains Rider

Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose JetBrains Rider in their tech stack.

Needs advice
IntelliJ IDEAIntelliJ IDEA

I have a strong familiarity with Jetbrains products, having used most of them since around 2015. However, in the past 6 months, I have started transitioning to Neovim as my primary "IDE". This is due to the extensive nature of my work, where I would typically load a different JetBrains product for each programming language I was working with. I wanted to reduce the amount of RAM I was using and have an easier time exporting my setup to weaker hardware.

My current setup, which is still a work in progress, consists of Neovim, tmux, and a few other applications. It took me a while, but I now feel much more comfortable working with this setup than I did with Jetbrains products. In the past, I often had to change my workflow or struggle with some of the tooling provided by JetBrains.

While I haven't worked with Java in a production environment for a few years, I have been working with TypeScript, PHP, Python, C++, and C#. Neovim works well for almost everything, but I do encounter some issues when working with .NET. In these cases, JetBrains Rider seems to be a better fit for C#, and I hope to resolve these issues. I also have an extensive ruleset setup (naming schemes and whatnot) in the JetBrains ecosystem that I have yet to find a suitable alternative of enforcement in Neovim.

However, I am now facing the prospect of returning to a Java stack at work. I'm wondering whether I should continue with Neovim and invest more time in configuring it and researching more about its Language Server Protocol (LSP) capabilities, or if I should return to IntelliJ and not waste the effort. Can Neovim be as good as, or almost as good as, IntelliJ for Java development? Talking about Kotlin is a plus, but my focus is on Java and potentially working with the Spring ecosystem.

I have used the JetBrains' vim plugin for about 2 years. It does not hold a candle to using nvim. Probably this shouldn't affect the question much, but: I am a Linux/Windows guy, however, I will be forced to use macOS at work.

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Christian Worley
Needs advice
IntelliJ IDEAIntelliJ IDEA
JetBrains RiderJetBrains Rider

I'm full stack with a focus on front-end, primarily React, and Angular. At my last company I was supporting both Java and open other source back-ends, IntelliJ IDEA met my needs perfectly. At my current company I need to support both open source and C# on the back-end. I have been provided a VS license and have been debating either using VS just for back-end C# work and continuing with IntelliJ for front-end, or switching to JetBrains Rider for fullstack? I've read that Rider is great for C# but I'm unsure if Rider will provide the same front-end capabilities that I currently enjoy with IntelliJ.

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JetBrains Rider's Features

  • Live code inspection
  • Fast
  • Responsive

JetBrains Rider Alternatives & Comparisons

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