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Notion's novelty according to me is the fact that everything can be a potential document. Notion's as a product has two very contrasting features. One as a hybrid document editor that combines the goodness of Markdown of Dropbox Paper with a more extensive set of formatting blocks. The second as a task manager and an organizer like. Trello.

Every table on Notion can have multiple views saved for previews with different filters, sorting and table style applied. Also, elements in a table can also be a page making it easier to have a Kanban-style sub-task manager for a particular subtask on a Kanban board for your project.

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Nilova Pande
Nilova Pande
March 5th 2021 at 8:07AM

Hi, I would like to share a little about a new tool Qinaps - a networked note-taking application for delivering flexible documents. Start your Workbook with Qinaps, organize notes and info in a Map, pick and chose elements with the doc customizer, publish and share docs with links rather than attachments.

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