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We are starting to build one shirt data logic, structure and as an online clothing store we believe good ux and ui is a goal to drive a lot of click through. The problem is, how do we fetch data and how do we abstract the gap between the Front-end devs and backend-devs as we are just two in the technical unit. We decided to go for GraphQL as our application-layer tool and Prisma for our database-layer abstracter.

Reasons :

GraphQL :

  1. GraphQL makes fetching of data less painful and organised.

  2. GraphQL gives you 100% assurance on data you getting back as opposed to the Rest design .

  3. GraphQL comes with a bunch of real-time functionality in form of. subscriptions and finally because we are using React (GraphQL is not React demanding, it's doesn't require a specific framework, language or tool, but it definitely makes react apps fly )

Prisma :

  1. Writing revolvers can be fun, but imagine writing revolvers nested deep down, curry braces flying around. This is sure a welcome note to bugs and as a small team we need to focus more on what that matters more. Prisma generates this necessary CRUD resolves, mutations and subscription out of the box.

  2. We don't really have much budget at the moment so we are going to run our logic in a scalable cheap and cost effective cloud environment. Oh! It's AWS Lambda and deploying our schema to Lambda is our best bet to minimize cost and same time scale.

We are still at development stage and I believe, working on this start up will increase my dev knowledge. Off for Lunch :)

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