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Hey! I am actually in internship and have an app to create for my structure. It will be an intern app which will allow crud dashboard actions with some data provided by the use of an API of one of the structure partner and make a correspondence to data contained in a private database. Since it's an intern app, I thought about Electron for a desktop app because I did a lot of web with Laravel and the structure goes more for the desktop app. But it will be my first occasion working with this tech.

Is Electron a good choice? Wich ORM should be more complete and adapted to this between Sequelize and TypeORM? (Database will be MySQL) Some charts will be displayed in the app. Is there a library (preferably without jQuery) that suits this stack?

Thank you !

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Unless you're either using a local database or a backend server, you shouldn't choose either.

My recommendation would be having a NodeJS API on the backend that connects to the database and Electron connects to the API. Never give the database connection data to the end user, unless it's a planned move and it's to use on a local database.

I can recommend Sequelize because what I'm use the most on every project I need to create database connections. It supports TypeScript, and if you already have the database create you can use sequelize-auto to create the models, as easy as that.

I've only used Electron once and I liked it, but it's not a good comparison, since it doesn't offer any database access by default. I used React for the frontend part of the app, you can use whatever you want.

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Dieudonn茅 ALLOGNON
Dieudonn茅 ALLOGNON
May 24th 2021 at 7:13AM

Thank you! That's what I finally decided. Your answer makes me sure that I am on the right track

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