Simple PaaS for Java, Python, Node, .Net, Ruby, PHP, MySQL, Mongo, and PostgreSQL
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AppFog provides the infrastructure web developers need to build apps without worrying about IT tasks or having to wait days to get servers ready for writing code. AppFog’s web application technologies include PHP, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Java, .NET, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

AppFog's Features
  • Launches fast, runs fast- Varnish Cache and op-code caching run applications with less server load and accelerated performance.
  • Reduces ops work- No more configuring servers, firewalls, Apache, security, or installing frameworks.
  • Plays well with any SCM- Versioning is critical. AppFog is compatible with code management systems like git, svn, and mercurial.
  • Scales efficiently- We run in many regions, data centers, and infrastructures. Access only the servers you need and pay for only what you use.
  • Supports many app runtimes- Web app technologies include PHP, Node, Ruby, Python, Java, and .NET.
  • Supports many services- Add any popular service to your application, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and RabbitMQ.