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I am a beginner in Python. I don't have a reliable internet connection and I own a weak hardware in my laptop. I want to go to data security after learning python. Confused between PyCharm, Sublime Text and Atom. I want to stick to one. Which should I make habit of?

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Hi, I have used PyCharm, Sublime Text and Atom. PyCharm is very heavy and it contains many extra functions which have not any use for beginner. Atom has slow startup but after that is runs smoothly but not recommended for weak hardware. Atom has great community and bunch plugin support. You can manually install plugins in atom with you need. Sublime Text is really very fast and I think it can smoothly run on weak hardware. I personally using Atom on one computer and VScode on other computer both are great but VScode has better startup time.

At end IDE is not going to make you a pro. When I was beginner I used notepad and then Atom for working fast. I used a simple text editor named MousePad for many months because I got syntax highlighting for mine very weak PC.

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