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Hello everyone,

Well, I want to build a large-scale project, but I do not know which ORDBMS to choose. The app should handle real-time operations, not chatting, but things like future scheduling or reminders. It should be also really secure, fast and easy to use. And last but not least, should I use them both. I mean PostgreSQL with Python / Django and MongoDB with Node.js? Or would it be better to use PostgreSQL with Node.js?

*The project is going to use React for the front-end and GraphQL is going to be used for the API.

Thank you all. Any answer or advice would be really helpful!

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We build a Factoring-Software for a company in germany and realied on PostgreSQL as main banking and transactional database. Works flawlessly. It's very fast, realiable and well documented. It's a very good product.

My advice for your current needs would be to take a look at I like the service and the fact that it's open source, too. It shippes with PostgreSQL database and gives you the power to map your database relations to a GrapQL endpoint. GraphQL works really well with a React frontend. Hasura getting started docs are well written and they also provide nice use-case and hands-down coding tutorials to get you started. Check if it matches your needs. Here are the features: Here is their tutorial to kick it off: Here's an article about scaling their service for GraphQLto 1 million active subscriptions (live queries):

Have a nice day! Cheers, Chris

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If you want safety (no data corruption/loss) Postgresql is the way to go. You can use Postgresql with python/django but also node. And as a bonus postgresql performance should match those of mongodb if properly tuned...

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George Krachtopoulos
George Krachtopoulos
March 20th 2020 at 1:03PM

Thank you for your advice!

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