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Predictive models for app conversion and churn
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What is ClearBrain?

ClearBrain identifies which of your users will upgrade or churn before they do so. We build and retarget look-alikes for your users in minutes, without a single line of code.
ClearBrain is a tool in the Predictive Analytics category of a tech stack.

Who uses ClearBrain?

ClearBrain's Features

  • Connect your data, no code required
  • Point and click predictive audiences
  • Discover signals for conversion & churn
  • Retarget predicted users in ads & emails

ClearBrain Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to ClearBrain?
Seldon is an Open Predictive Platform that currently allows recommendations to be generated based on structured historical data. It has a variety of algorithms to produce these recommendations and can report a variety of statistics. is mission control for your teams. It keeps an eye on the health of your company 24/7/365—so you can focus your time where it really counts.
Framed Data
Framed helps you retain subscribers by understanding their behavior. Do you know why your users are leaving? Do you know why your users love your app? Framed does. Our automated predictive analytics platform runs a battery of machine learning models on your data to predict future user behavior. Know the exact point at which a user decides to stay with your product.
Obviously AI
It started on the belief that business users should get insights from their data without waiting on engineers. Our mission is to make data science effortless by enabling anyone to run complex predictions and analytics, simply by asking questions

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