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What is Cronofy?

Calendar integration is hard. So we've made it easy. Each platform has its own data models and authentication flows. Keeping track of changes is a headache. Handling users' personal data is onerous. We've fixed all of that.
Cronofy is a tool in the Calendar API category of a tech stack.

Who uses Cronofy?

5 companies reportedly use Cronofy in their tech stacks, including CoachLogix, TrekkSoft, and Slack Calendar Connector.

6 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Cronofy.

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Why developers like Cronofy?

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Adam Bird
Adam Bird
Founder & CEO at Cronofy | 1 upvotes 1.1K views

For creating and updating events in the agent's calendar when a Task is assigned to them.

Also to receive notifications when an event changes so the corresponding Zendesk task can be updated. Cronofy

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Adam Bird
Adam Bird
Founder & CEO at Cronofy | 1 upvotes 1.1K views

To create and update calendar events when the Evernote reminder is created/changed.

Also to listen for changes to the calendar events so the Evernote reminders can be amended accordingly. Cronofy

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Cronofy's Features

  • Support for Exchange, Office 365, Outlook.com, Apple, Google
  • All calendars not just the easy one
  • No more public iCal feeds
  • Web hooks for changes on all calendars
  • Rich privacy controls so you don't have to deal with private data
  • Reliable synchronization

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