A simple incident response tool

What is FireHydrant?

FireHydrant allows you to maintain an organized log of incidents, the events that occurred during them, and integrations to lift information to the surface that matters.

FireHydrant is a tool in the Monitoring Aggregation category of a tech stack.

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Why people like FireHydrant

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FireHydrant's Features

  • Incidents - Tie Incidents to components and start keeping track with notes, milestones, and Slack messages. We’ll keep everything organized for when you head into your post mortem.
  • Components - Have an API and a Web UI? Add them to FireHydrant as components. Organize your incidents by the components you provide in your application. You can quickly find previous incidents for them too. Components make it easy to report on which things fail the most.
  • Slack - We have a deep integration with Slack that allows you to quickly create Incidents, add notes and milestones, and coordinate response. You get an incident specific channel automatically that allows you and your team to coordinate response to any incident on FireHydrant.

FireHydrant's alternatives

  • PagerDuty - Incident management with powerful visibility, reliable alerting, and improved collaboration
  • OpsGenie - Alerting and On-Call Management for Dev&Ops Teams
  • VictorOps - We make on-call suck less & help teams to solve problems faster.
  • Bigpanda - The cure for alert fatigue
  • Cronitor - Monitor cron jobs, daemons and almost anything else

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