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  • Gitter

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    Gitter is used for support

  • Hugo

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    Hugo is used to build static sites

  • GitHub Pages

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    GitHub Pages is used to publish Hugo content

  • GitHub

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    GitHub is used to sync between Appernetic and your own device.

  • Redis

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    We use it as a fast session storage

  • Bootstrap

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    Bootstrap is used in the frontend Angular.js dashboard.


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    Nginx is used as a web proxy.

  • G Suite

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    For SEO with Google+.

  • CloudFlare

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    Cloudflare is used as a global cache for performance and security.

  • Google Analytics

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    For analytics.

  • Zoho Desk

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    We use Zoho Desk as a help desk for our users @: help.appernetic.io

  • Git

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    We use git to pull and push Static websites to GitHub.

  • Inline Manual

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    To make it easy for users to find help topics.