Objective: I am trying to build a custom service that will create VMs in Azure, based on inputs taken from a web interface. I want the backend code that interacts with Azure to be PowerShell.

Ask: Hoping to find help with deciding the simplest architecture of tools to achieve this.

What I have so far with my Limited Knowledge: I am new to Azure and Jenkins. I arrived at Jenkins coz it can run PowerShell and has API that can be called to trigger a job. Although integrating with it over the web seems problematic since its on-prem network. I hear it is possible using the VPN. For the Web, I hope to use Azure Web App with Python/Node.js that I can manage to make API calls to Jenkins.

Is there a better way? I just need help getting the right directions; I will walk the way.

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If you want to use Azure Web Apps and want to keep it all in one ecosystem then easiest would be to use Azure Devops for the pipelines and Azure Functions to run the PowerShell code. Azure DevOps is a CI/CD platform(and more) kind of like Jenkins but integrated into Azure. And Azure Functions is a serverless thing that can run your code(your PowerShell) on demand without the need to have it hosted on your server. Jenkins can be nice but you will have to host it somewhere. If you want you could use Azure to set up a VM that hosts Jenkins and the website Frontend. Technically if you have the website, it's backend language should be able to execute scripts that are on the same machine so you wouldn't even need Jenkins or another pipeline solution. It would be recommended though for easier management.

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