Split provides a unified solution for feature flags and experimentation

What is Split?

Feature flags as a service for data-driven teams: Split automatically tracks changes to key metrics during every feature rollout. Split serves billions of impressions, helping organizations of all sizes to rapidly turn ideas into products.

Split is a tool in the Feature Flags Management category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Split?

Split integrates with

Slack, JIRA, New Relic, Datadog, and HipChat are some of the popular tools that integrate with Split. Here's a list of all 12 tools that integrate with Split.

Why people like Split

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Split.

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Split's Features

  • Targeted Feature Release - Easily target any feature, anywhere in the stack, to the right users based on any attribute you have access to, from demographic data to in-the-browser metrics
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement: Analyze the impact of every feature on hundreds of business, product, and operational metrics in real time
  • Rigorous statistical analysis: Split’s statistics engine provides causal analysis and guards against misleading results
  • Easy-to-use Web Console - Split's UI gives anyone on the team the power to target feature releases, ramp up features to your customers, and instantly kill problem features

Split's alternatives

  • LaunchDarkly - Feature Management Platform
  • Petri - A/B Test and Feature Toggles system
  • Flagr - An open-source feature flagging and A/B testing tool
  • Airship - Controlled rollouts of new features

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