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What is Shipit?

Shipit is an automation engine and a deployment tool written for node / iojs. Shipit was built to be a Capistrano alternative for people who don't know ruby, or who experienced some issues with it. If you want to write tasks in JavaScript and enjoy the node ecosystem, Shipit is also for you.

What is Capistrano?

Capistrano is a remote server automation tool. It supports the scripting and execution of arbitrary tasks, and includes a set of sane-default deployment workflows.

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Why do developers choose Shipit?
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Why do developers choose Capistrano?
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What are the cons of using Shipit?
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What are the cons of using Capistrano?
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How much does Shipit cost?
How much does Capistrano cost?


What companies use Shipit?
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What companies use Capistrano?
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What tools integrate with Capistrano?
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What are some alternatives to Shipit and Capistrano?

  • Ansible - Radically simple configuration-management, application deployment, task-execution, and multi-node orchestration engine
  • Chef - Build, destroy and rebuild servers on any public or private cloud
  • Puppet Labs - Server automation framework and application
  • Fabric - Simple, Pythonic remote execution and deployment

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