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Conan vs fpm: What are the differences?

Key Differences between Conan and fpm

Conan and fpm are both package managers, but they have some key differences in terms of functionality and usage. Here are the key differences between Conan and fpm:

  1. Dependency Management: Conan has built-in support for managing package dependencies and handles complex dependency graphs with ease. It allows you to specify version ranges and constraints for dependencies, making it flexible and powerful. On the other hand, fpm focuses on package creation and doesn't offer sophisticated dependency management capabilities. It is primarily used for building and packaging software.

  2. Language Support: Conan is designed for C and C++ languages primarily, with good integration with build systems like CMake. It provides specific features for handling C and C++ dependencies, such as automatically handling different versions of the same library. In contrast, fpm is a language-agnostic package manager and can be used with any programming language. It doesn't have language-specific features like Conan.

  3. Community and Ecosystem: Conan has a vibrant and active community with extensive documentation, tutorials, and a wide range of pre-built packages available in its public package repository (ConanCenter). This rich ecosystem makes it easier to find and use existing packages for your projects. On the other hand, fpm has a smaller community and a more limited package repository. It may require more effort to find and manage packages for your specific needs.

  4. Build System Integration: Conan integrates well with popular build systems like CMake, Make, and others. It can automatically handle dependencies during the build process, making it seamless to use with these build systems. Fpm, on the other hand, doesn't have direct integration with build systems and is mostly used for standalone packaging. It may require additional configuration and scripts to integrate with your specific build system.

  5. Packaging Formats: Conan uses a specific packaging format based on binary packages, which allows for efficient distribution and installation of packages. It provides features like package caching for faster builds and supports different packaging types like source, binary, and virtual packages. Fpm, on the other hand, supports multiple packaging formats like RPM, DEB, and others. It relies on the underlying system package manager to install and manage packages.

  6. Workflow and Use Cases: Conan is mainly used in software development workflows, where managing and sharing dependencies is crucial. It is well-suited for building and distributing libraries and frameworks. Fpm, on the other hand, is often used in system administration and deployment scenarios. It is focused on creating platform-specific packages for software deployment, making it easier to distribute and install applications on different systems.

In Summary, Conan is a powerful package manager with advanced dependency management and C/C++ language support, while fpm is a more generic package manager focused on creating packages for different platforms and systems.

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Pros of Conan
Pros of fpm
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    Crossplatform builds
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    Easy to maintain used dependencies
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    Build recipes can be very flexble
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    Integrations with cmake, qmake and other build systems
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    Easy to use

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Cons of Conan
Cons of fpm
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    3rd party recipes can be flawed
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    What is Conan?

    Install or build your own packages for any platform. Conan also allows you to run your own server easily from the command line.

    What is fpm?

    It helps you build packages quickly and easily (Packages like RPM and DEB formats).

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