Heroku is unable to handle payment issues arising due to Indian Reserve Bank's decision to stop recurring card payments. I am using the following Heroku services:

  1. Web Dyno
  2. Worker Dyno (Scheduler)
  3. Cron To Go (Queue)
  4. ClearDB (MySQL)
  5. Heroku Redis (Queue Driver)

I have to migrate my Apache/ PHP/ Laravel/ HTML/ CSS/ jQuery/ MySQL application hosted on Heroku to a new provider. My current options visible are:

  1. AWS Fargate
  2. AWS Beanstalk
  3. Quovery
  4. Microsoft Azure
  5. Laravel Vapor
  6. Laravel Forge

Does anyone have any guidance on which of the above options (or any other option not identified above) is recommended for migrating away from Heroku? and why?

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Microsoft Azure

I faced this issue as well, not for the same reason, but we had to move out of Heroku. We were guided towards Azure despite we internally had more experience with AWS. I would say it is kind of a steep learning curve, but once you get used to it, it works very well. and we have even been able to do a few shortcuts as a result of the extensive list of services offered by Azure ( the same goes for AWS ). Heroku provided us a good base for our startup, but we out grew it and had to evolve out.

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