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Why Electron over macOS
  • Since this is a very early stage, so I want to verify the hypothesis so that I go with Electron. It will help you build faster, cross-native app but the trade off is the performance. It's ok, if the app is get product-market fit, we will plan to move it to Native platform to bring high performance for users
Why Recoiljs over Redux or something else Why not Redux? Zustan? DVA?
  • The boilderplace is so fukin hard. Besides, it really hard for optimizing to only render a component that subscribes to a sub-tree state. I need to use selector, memorize, immutable, ...
Why not MobX? MST?
  • It has been a long time since I last use Mobx, MST. It's cool, but now the world has changed a lot, no more Class component, so I don't know it supports a lot.
  • One more thing I don't want to use MobX is that the API is changed a lot in each major version. No! I don't want to use an outdated library for the rest of my life
  • I feel can not control how Component will render when I use MobX
Why Recoil?
  • It solves my concern, each component is subscribed to a very small state object (called atom) and only render once they changed
  • It plays nice with Functional Component. You can easily change useState to useRecoilState and vice versa. It's cool because "Alway use local state, only move it to global once needed"
  • I can map the product concept to state in my brain. A cell in a table should be an atom so that the cell will render on its own.
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