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Decision about Google Analytics, JavaScript, GitHub, GitHub Pages, gulp, Bootstrap, HTML5

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Sr. Full Stack Developer ·

Developing static sites like a landing page for mobile app or just a personal resume using HTML5 and Bootstrap is a lot fun when you are using build tools like gulp . I made a personal resume using above tools and published them on GitHub Pages. It was fast and easy, Thanks to GitHub for the free service. All the JavaScript codes worked perfectly after being concat and minified and uglified by gulp and running perfectly on GitHub Pages. gulp created sitemap and inserted Google Analytics code into all pages and saved about 30% of images size by compressing them during build.

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Decision at TrackJS about Gatsby, Read the Docs,, GitHub Pages, Jekyll

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President at TrackJS ·

We recently needed to rebuild our documentation site, currently built using Jekyll hosted on GitHub Pages. We wanted to update the content and refresh the style to make it easier to find answers.

We considered hosted services that could accept our markdown content, like and Read the Docs, however both seemed expensive for essentially hosting the same platform we already had for free.

I also looked at the Gatsby Static Site generator to modernize Jekyll. I don't think this is a fit, as our documentation is relatively simple and relies heavily on Markdown. Jekyll excels at Markdown, while Gatsby seemed to struggle with it.

We chose to stick with the current platform and just refresh our template and style with some add-on JavaScript.

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Decision about Fastly, Grunt, jQuery, Bootstrap, Jekyll, Let's Encrypt, Netlify, GitHub Pages, MaxCDN, Webperf, StaticSiteGenerators, GoogleFonts, CDN

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Developer Evangelist at StackShare ·

When my SSL cert MaxCDN was expiring on my personal site I decided it was a good time to revamp some things. Since GitHub Services is depreciated I can no longer have #CDN cache purges automated among other things. So I decided on the following: GitHub Pages, Netlify, Let's Encrypt and Jekyll. Staying the same was Bootstrap, jQuery, Grunt & #GoogleFonts.

What's awesome about GitHub Pages is that it has a #CDN (Fastly) built-in and anytime you push to master, it purges the cache instantaneously without you have to do anything special. Netlify is magic, I highly recommend it to anyone using #StaticSiteGenerators.

For the most part, everything went smoothly. The only things I had issues with were the following:

  • If you want to point www to GitHub Pages you need to rename the repo to www
  • If you edit something in the _config.yml you need to restart bundle exec jekyll s or changes won't show
  • I had to disable the Grunt htmlmin module. I replaced it with Jekyll layout that compresses HTML for #webperf

Last but certainly not least, I made a donation to Let's Encrypt. If you use their service consider doing it too:

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Decision at Uploadcare about GitHub Pages, OpenSource

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Frontend Team Lead at Uploadcare ·
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We have many #OpenSource libraries. Some of them need a demo besides documentation. We use GitHub Pages for a demo of libraries. We create a demo folder near with code of the library, add index.html with demo code and publish files only from demo folder to gh-pages. Fast and simple.

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Decision about BinTray, Android SDK, Travis CI, GitHub Pages, GitHub, Git

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Senior Associate at Cognizant Technology Solutions ·

Git and GitHub are excellent tools for hosting this open source project. GitHub enables me to do reviews and provides wiki support via GitHub Pages from anywhere. Travis CI is easy to setup and I can pull up my own Android SDK libraries from BinTray .

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Decision about GitHub Pages

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Team Lead, Web / Software Developer at Grekodom Development ·

I use GitHub Pages because it was the first free static hosting service. It is easy to setup and super fast. Competes head to head with Netlify.

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Decision about GitHub Pages

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software engineer at clearforce ·

I used GitHub pages to create a profile page to show my projects and also blogs i wrote about the projects i've been working on. GitHub Pages

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Decision at Adrenal Fatigue Solution about GitHub Pages

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CEO at Adrenal Fatigue Solution ·

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Decision at Mimeograph Cognitive about GitHub Pages

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CEO at Decision Data Corp ·

Our main purpose for GitHub pages is inspecting open source code for the purpose of finding out if someone else has already solved a solution to a problem we're working on and whether or not it fits into our plan. GitHub Pages

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Decision at PSESD about GitHub Pages

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Documentation for the service architecture and links to API documentation GitHub Pages

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