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Decision at SmartZip about SendGrid, Authy, Twilio Functions, Twilio, Nexmo, Twilio, SDK, SMS, VoiceAndSms

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Nexmo vs Twilio ?

Back in the early days at SmartZip Analytics, that evaluation had - for whatever reason - been made by Product Management. Some developers might have been consulted, but we hadn't made the final call and some key engineering aspects of it were omitted.

When revamping the platform, I made sure to flip the decision process how it should be. Business provided an input but Engineering lead the way and has the final say on all implementation matters. My engineers and I decided on re-evaluating the criteria and vendor selection. Not only did we need SMS support, but were we not thinking about #VoiceAndSms support as the use cases evolved.

Also, on an engineering standpoint, SDK mattered. Nexmo didn't have any. Twilio did. No-one would ever want to re-build from scratch integration layers vendors should naturally come up with and provide their customers with.

Twilio won on all fronts. Including costs and implementation timelines. No-one even noticed the vendor switch.

Many years later, Twilio demonstrated its position as a leader by holding conferences in the Bay Area, announcing features like Twilio Functions. Even acquired Authy which we also used for 2FA. Twilio's growth has been amazing. Its recent acquisition of SendGrid continues to show it.

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Decision at Fresha Engineering about Braintree, Twilio, Mandrill, Google Maps

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We make sure to implement only the functionalities that are specific to our business domain (Beauty & Wellness) & use other services for functionalities we find generic or secondary (they do not make us stand out). We've picked the most stable & popular ones we could find for such purposes: Google Maps (for salon location maps), Mandrill (sending mail notifications), Twilio (sending SMS notifications) or Braintree (for payments).

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Decision at mkdev about Twilio, Pusher, Mattermost

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Recently we finished long research on chat tool for our students and mentors. In the end we picked Mattermost Team Edition as the cheapest and most feature complete option. We did consider building everything from scratch and use something like Pusher or Twilio on a backend, but then we would have to implement all the desktop and mobile clients and all the features oursevles. Mattermost gave us flexible API, lots of built in or easy to install integrations and future-proof feature set. We are still integrating it with our main platform but so far the team, existing mentors and students are very happy.

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Decision at Instacart about Twilio

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We use Twilio extensively for voice call routing, for texting. We, in fact, use it for MMS messaging as of recently...We do number masking. So the personal shopper never has your actual number, you call the Twilio number and it routes you intelligently to the customer. And vice-versa. Twilio

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Decision at ShareGrid about Twilio

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We proxy conversations between our user conversations to keep their numbers private. Twilio

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Decision about Twilio

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Twilio is a service I have experimented with, and given a project with SMS requirements I would choose Twilio to support that. Twilio

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Decision about Twilio

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I set up text-message alerts to be sent to me when an error was raised on the web application. Twilio

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Decision about Twilio

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Used with BlueMix NodeRed to build an application that sends a text when it's about to rain. Twilio

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Decision about Twilio

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For my own phone forwarding system, SMS messaging, and will gladly build such systems for clients. Twilio

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