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Treasure Data's Big Data as-a-Service cloud platform enables data-driven businesses to focus their precious development resources on their applications, not on mundane, time-consuming integration and operational tasks. The Treasure Data Cloud Data Warehouse service offers an affordable, quick-to-implement and easy-to-use big data option that does not require specialized IT resources, making big data analytics available to the mass market.

Treasure Data's Features
  • Instant Integration- Using td-agent, you can start importing your data from existing log files, web and packaged applications right away.
  • Streaming or Batch?- You choose! Our data collection tool, td-agent, enables you to stream or batch your data to the cloud in JSON format.
  • Secure Upload- The connection between td-agent and the cloud is SSL-encrypted, ensuring secure transfer of your data.
  • Availability- Our best-in-class, multi-tenant architecture uses Amazon S3 to ensure 24x7 availability and automatic replication.
  • Columnar Database- Our columnar database not only delivers blinding performance, it also compresses data to 5 to 10 percent of its original size.
  • Schema Free- Unlike traditional databases – even cloud databases – Treasure Data allows you to change your data schema anytime.
  • SQL-like Query Language- Query your data using our SQL-like language.
  • BI Tools Connectivity- Treasure Data allows you to use your existing BI/visualization tools (e.g. JasperSoft, Pentaho, Talend, Indicee, Metric Insights) using our JDBC driver.
  • Enterprise-level Service and Support
  • No Lock-in- We provide a one-line command to let you export your data anywhere you choose, whenever you choose.

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