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I have used Testrail for several years but my company is switching to Devops for everything (including QA/Testing). We are dropping TestRail because of the cost. TestRail is, overall, a better tool for QA. Devops is very tedious for test plan/suite/case creation. Actually executing a test is pretty good, But writing / creating the plans are pretty cumbersome. I have requested a few improvements through the Visual Studio community but I don't have high hopes. I just don't think enough QAs are using Devops. Is anybody else in this boat?

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I have used ADO extensively before, and to work around the cumbersome during develop of test plans, I used the grid view. It allowed to copy paste quickly, similar as to building the tests in an excel doc. I have recently started using test rail, and the execution lacks a bit like you mentioned.

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Amy Petrone
Amy Petrone
March 11th 2022 at 1:16PM

I did try the grid view before with creating test cases but it is similar to building test cases in excel and then uploading. But my real issue is with finding test cases that have already been created that you are either bringing into a new suite or ones that need updated. There needs to be a better way to view and organize existing test cases.

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