Fault tolerant database-as-a-service in the cloud for your MySQL powered applications.
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ClearDB uses a combination of advanced replication techniques, advanced cluster technology, and layered web services to provide you with a MySQL database that is "smarter" than usual.

ClearDB's Features
  • Global Multi-Master Design- ClearDB uses geo-distributed MySQL database configurations for the ultimate in database availability, survivability, and performance. Even if whole cloud regions go offline, your database will stay online.
  • Completely Fault Tolerant- ClearDB is the only cloud database in the market today that offers true multi-regional read/write mirroring with 100% uptime, even if networks or disks fail.
  • Native MySQL- Our clusters use native MySQL so that you don't have to worry about re-tuning your applications to work with ClearDB.
  • Fast, Reliable Support- We have expert database and systems engineers working round the clock to ensure that your database is available, reliable, and secure.
  • Ultra Secure- We use a combination of 256 bit SSL encryption and client certificates directly in MySQL to secure connections.

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