Peuconomia Int'l Pvt. Ltd.

Peuconomia Int'l Pvt. Ltd.

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Software Company focused around Education

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Suman Adhikari

Full Stack (Founder) at Peuconomia Int'l Pvt. Ltd.

We use Go for the first-off due to our knowledge of it. Second off, it's highly performant and optimized for scalability. We run it using dockerized containers for our backend REST APIs.

For Frontend, we use React with Next.js at vercel. We use NextJS here mostly due to our need for Server Side Rendering and easier route management.

For Database, we use MySQL as it is first-off free and always has been in use with us. We use Google Cloud SQL from GCP that manages its storage and versions along with HA.

All stacks are free to use and get the best juice out of the system. We also use Redis for caching for enterprise-grade apps where data retrieval latency matters the most.

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