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Ducksboard is a real-time dashboard for tracking internal metrics and web services. A single place where you can gather data from all SaaS apps you use (GoogleAnalytics, Mailchimp, Twitter, Zendesk…), as well as any internal metric you might consider. You can access your metrics in real time from your browser, but you will also be able to generate Excel and PDF files to share with your team or export widgets to your intranet.

Ducksboard's Features
  • Track your business data- Clicks, mentions, hits, likes, CTAs, PPCs, SQLs - it’s all TMI. Your key performance indicators are suffocating under the weight of too much information. Set them free and monitor the stats that really matter in one gorgeous dashboard.
  • See Your Data in Real-time- Adjust your course while they wait for a flash report. Ducksboard is real-time, meaning you have the numbers while you can still do something about them.
  • Create Custom Widgets- You don't have to be a coder to design your own custom widgets. Our widget building tool will help you create good-looking visualizations in a matter of minutes.
  • Choose from Widget Marketplace- Hit the ground running with some of our ready made widgets. Monitor your feeds, track projects or stay on top of your web stats with the more than 100 widgets already available.
  • Multiple Dashboards- The buffet never closes at Ducksboard. Build and share as many dashboards as you like. Put your intelligence on display and show them all the science behind your strategy.