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From uptime and analytics to check-ins, Geckoboard is a hosted dashboard that’s available on any screen with a browser. Geckoboard monitors your businesses vital signs.

Geckoboard's Features
  • A widget for every occasion.- We have native widgets that can bring in your CRM, Email, Infrastructure, Project Management, Sales & Finance, Social Media and Web Analytics data on to your Geckoboard.
  • Create your own widgets- Import your own data into a range of pre-built visualisations – from pie charts, to funnels and bullet graphs
  • Use our Custom Widgets API to create custom charts and widgets for your own dashboards, visualising your own data on Geckoboard.
  • Multiple accounts per widget- Have several accounts for a single service provider? No problem!
  • Active Developer Community- Add community-created widgets to your dashboards
  • At home on any device.- Geckoboard loves any device you want to throw it at. As long as it has a browser we should be in business, from Smartphones to HDTVs, via tablet and desktop.
  • Large Screen Mode- Create dashboards optimised for display on large TV screens so that you can view your dashboard from a distance.
  • View dashboards on TV, Mobile or Desktop- Restrict access to dashboards by IP address and administrators can revoke access with one click making their public URL no longer accessible.
  • Custom Dashboard sizes- Create dashboards optimised for any display device.
  • Highcharts Support- Add an extensive range of custom graphs and charts.
  • Read-only Geckoboards can be shared with others by an administrator, making it perfect for sharing with colleagues or external parties.
  • Share with remote workers, clients etc. with read only IP protected URLs

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