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Installing and managing a wide range of SDKs can be cumbersome and complex. Fabric solves this problem by combining all seven of our SDKs under one roof and organizing them into three Kits: the Crashlytics Kit, the Twitter Kit, and the MoPub Kit.

Fabric by Twitter's Features
  • Crashlytics Kit - The Crashlytics Kit gives you a best-in-class toolset to build robust apps: crash reporting, beta distribution, and mobile app analytics that are so easy to understand, we called them Answers.
  • Twitter Kit - Bring the conversation happening around the world into your app. From Login, to sharing, to displaying Tweets natively in your app, the Twitter Kit makes social integration simple.
  • MoPub Kit - The MoPub kit helps you turn your app into a business. Monetize your app with just a few lines of code, and optimize your advertising across multiple ad networks.