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  • We use Node for API server, Lambda, and some utility tools. The biggest reason is developers can share the same language with front-end. And Node.js is mature/active enough to be a decent startup choice.

  • Docker serves as the default way of deployment packaging. And with many other tools dockerized, it's essential for the team to be familiar with Docker and use it when the time is right.

  • Mature OLTP database choices. Less fragmented than MySQL

  • Native integration with Atlassian products (Jira and Confluence). Bitbucket Pipeline is clean and easy.

  • Scale well from simple startup use cases to complicated enterprise situation.

  • Serverless is the future. And AWS Lambda is the most mature FaaS out there. AWS SAM makes it easy to package Lambda as micro-apps.

  • Easy to get started. Essentially a package of several AWS products integrated for you.

  • Authentication as a service. Instead of rolling our own user authentication flow for yet another time, it's better to leave the security concern to a service specialized in this field.

  • Not an ORM but a query builder. So developers are encouraged or sometimes forced to think about SQL and database layer, which is a good thing.

  • Manage infrastructure as codes. Native AWS solution so it has better support to AWS resources than Terraform, also can leverage AWS Business Support.

  • Powerful all-in-one monitoring solution as a service. Good integration with AWS. Very affordable price for small-scale startups.

  • Data warehouse solution that fully separates compute and storage. Better management facility than directly using S3.

  • Neat data transformation tool and only focusing on data transformation. Fitting the popular ELT paradigm. Small but active community. Easy to get help on their Slack from maintainers.

  • Rich feature set. Enjoyable UX design. Good integrations with several other tools we use.

  • New and very popular. Less legacy to deal with compared to React. Great documentation. Easy to get started.

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