Real-time Mobile A/B Testing Platform
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Optimimo provides flexible A/B testing and multivariate testing software that leverages segmentation by screen size, OS version, network connectivity, etc. This enables behavioral targeting on mobile, app usability testing etc. Also with features such as mobile Heatmaps, Navigation Flow Charts, Usability Surveys, Notification Popups, studying gyro movements of users and much more, you can be sure that all your conversion rate optimization requirements are fully covered by our product.

Optimimo's Features
  • Easy Implementation- Easy to integrate SDK that takes you just 10 minutes to before you start testing
  • Idea Factory- Run variety of A/B tests ranging from Icons to Landing page layouts. Get some crazy mobile testing ideas here
  • Real-Time Metrics- View variation performance, click maps, path flows and conversions in real time.
  • Deep Filtering- Choose user segments for various tests based on their mobile screen size, android version or their internet connectivity type.
  • Live Updates- Switch variations on the fly as per conversion analytics, without having to upgrade again.