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Once you implement the Qualaroo code (it generally only takes a couple minutes), you can easily target a survey question or two as users are making decisions on your website. Your customers will see it slide up from the bottom right-hand corner of your site.

Qualaroo's Features
  • We get you responses- Because Qualaroo surveys are short and in context to the user experience, you can quickly get the responses you need to make an informed decision.
  • We’re fast- You can create, target and deploy a survey or Nudge in just minutes. You'll start making more informed decisions and driving meaningful results the very same day.
  • We look good- Our stylish survey or nudge comes in a dark and a light theme — one of them is sure to look good on your website.
  • We speak your language- Qualaroo templates are available in 13 languages and counting.
  • One-time setup- Once you’ve added Qualaroo code to your site, you can ask a new question or create a new Nudge any time without having to bother your developer.
  • Qualaroo offers powerful targeting based on on-site behavior and internal customer data: Specific URL, Time-on-page, Free vs. Paid users, New vs. Existing Customers, Unlimited possibilities

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